Omnetics Connector
Microminiature Connectors: 025 and .050 Spacing Military, Medical,
Commercial. New Metal Shell Circulars

Smiths Interconnect

• High Reliability Connectors
Low Insertion Force, Low Contact Resistance, High Cycle Life, High Rel against Shock and Vibration Spring Probe Technology Connectors
Custom Connectors, filtered, high speed Quadrax and Twinax for Fibre Channel, Ethernet & IEEE 1394 Firewire, fiber optic, coax, triax

Winchester Electronics
Connectors and Cable Assemblies. RF, Military,
Tru Corp, BOMAR, Kings, Cadallac, Continental Connector, SRI Heremetics

Flex Circuits
Flex Cirucuits and rigid-flex
For the Defense, Medical and Industrial control markets

BC Systems Inc.

Custom Military and Aerospace Power Supplies and Power Controls
Powering the weapons systems that defend our freedom

Standex-Mender Electronics
• Magnetic Components, Insert Molded RF Inductors
• Reed Switches, Reed Relays, Proximity, and Fluid Level Sensors


• Extensive Switch Design, Relays, Electronic Products, Digital & Rotary Products

• Effective and reliable applications for land, sea, air, and space

Parameter Generation & Control 

• Precise humidity control and environmental chambers

• Serving pharmaceutical, electronic, semiconductor, packaging, and textile industries